Barrage assistant Module

Version 1.0.0


/ Barrage assistant

Fast connection to the live room,

Enter the room address to see the viewer comment barrage directly on the screen.

The barrage assistant currently only supports Twitch & Douyu & Huya.Input room address to see the audience comment barrage directly on the screen! And support in full screen game mode, game display screen and window game mode desktop display screen.The main function is that the live broadcast host is on the way of the full-screen game, and the audience can see the barrage directly on the screen without cutting back to the studio.

Change the background color and opacity

Custom selection Chat room background color

Select a favorite background color in the game, drag the slider left and right, modify the background transparency (0%~100%), screen display with skin.When the game starts, the desktop display will automatically switch to the in-game display.If the game is turned off, the barrage assistant will automatically switch to the desktop display.

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