GamePP is game optimization acceleration, monitoring and analysis software
GamePP is a software focused on hardware monitoring, game optimization, and ReShade. Users can intuitively understand whether the current computer can run a certain game and the estimated running smoothness through the Benchmark test results. It provides players with the TFT tool, displays station suggestions, equipment synthesis tables and other functions in the game. It is an essential artifact to reduce the difficulty of getting started and score points.

GamePP Introduction of Characteristic Functions

Hardware Monitor

Automatically detects the configuration information of the current computer and provides FPS, processor CPU temperature and graphics GPU temperature display on the desktop and game according to the needs of the game player.

Optimization Game

The game-optimized speed-up program customized for gamers makes the number of game frames significantly improved. With one-click optimization settings, you can enjoy smooth and clear game screen effects.


Real-time monitoring of hardware running status such as FPS, processor CPU temperature, graphics card GPU temperature, etc., and automatically generate a comprehensive performance analysis report for game players.


A variety of image quality patching schemes, adjust and optimize the game quality, adapt to different weather and scene scenarios, make the game quality clearer and more realistic, and achieve the visual effect of the e-sports display.

Game Video Screenshot

Customize hotkeys with one-click game recordings and screenshots, custom video recording parameters, perfect for game lovers who want to simultaneously record game screens and commentary needs.


Enter the room address and you will be able to see the audience comments on the screen. Support in full screen game mode, the game display screen and window game mode desktop display screen.


With independent testing for each game, users can visually understand whether the computer can run a certain game and predict the running fluency.

TFT Tool

Providing players with popular lineups, standing suggestions, as well as equipment synthesis tables, viewing hero attributes and other functions is a necessary weapon to reduce the difficulty of entry and to score points.