GamePP For Windows

Windows vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10

Now Version: up-to-date

  • GamePP is an indispensable software for game players. It provides many useful functions, such as accurate hardware monitoring, practical hotkey shielding.Recording while playing games requires very little computer performance.GamePP provide many game speed-up schemes that can effectively improve FPS and visual optimization schemes to improve game visual effects.And you can see the content of your live chat room during the game through barrage assistant.GamePP offers many practical, professional optimizations for many games, and we are constantly developing new functions to make the game experience better for every player.

GamePP For iOS & Android

iOS 9 & Android 5.0 Late

Now Version: up-to-date

  • GamePP is an app tailored for gamers, offering players a number of useful features: file transfer, preview of computer screenshots and preview of computer video, file transfer to record video recorded by the user on the computer And the game screenshots are quickly transferred to the mobile phone for user saving, and the user can edit and share these video screenshots to various social platforms.

Conqueror's Blade PP

Android 5.0 Late

Now Version: up-to-date

  • Conqueror's Blade PP is a database tool specially made by the game Jiajia team for Zhanyi conqueror's Blade: frontier. At present, the database covers East, West, rattan, middle white mountain, black water, iron pontoon, Polish winged cavalry, Bozhou crossbow Riding Camp, guanning iron cavalry and other military outfit information, as well as all-round equipment data bed crossbow, general gun, Osman mortar gun, iron sand gun- The production methods and material requirements of the improved, can throwing device, field gun, swarm and other devices have been related to the production of various processed items, material sources and other information.