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Hardware Monitor & Game Optimiz Tool

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Latest version:V4.2.141.1008

Hardware information:

Automatically get the hardware configuration information of the computer.

Automatically obtain detailed hardware information of computer operating system, CPU, GPU, main board, main hard disk, display, and memory. Accurate hardware detection can help you to view computer configuration information more conveniently and intuitively. It can be copied by one click, copied or shared directly. Go to Facebook and compare with your friends to discuss what kind of computer configuration can run the game more smoothly.

Desktop display:

The hardware running status is displayed in real time on the desktop.

On the desktop, the provides processor CPU temperature, frequency, occupancy, graphics card GPU temperature, frequency, occupancy, fan speed, memory usage, RAM usage, network upload, download speed real-time hardware monitoring data display, users can choose according to their needs to display Hardware operation information, real-time hardware monitoring can help users to understand the operation status and health status of their computers more clearly and intuitively, and help users use computers more efficiently.

In-game display:

In-game hardware monitoring, in-game settings.

In the game, the computer provides hardware real-time monitoring data information such as FPS, processor CPU, graphics GPU, memory, hard disk, etc. Real-time hardware monitoring can help users understand the current operating status and health of their computers more clearly and intuitively. At the same time, whether you change the information you want to display, or adjust the ReShade quality patch, you can change it in the in-game call interface.

Optimization game:

The power supply scheme is adjusted according to different computer configurations.

When this feature is turned on, you will get a dedicated game optimization speed-up solution tailored for gamers, such as power optimization, CPU Cores Program,Turn off some non-essential functions and effects in the game, which can significantly improve the number of game frames.

Tip: Due to the large number of computer hardware, the improvement effect brought by different hardware platforms and systems is different. The specific improvement is subject to the actual improvement of users.

Block hotkeys:

You can choose to block some system buttons during the game.

This feature solves the problem that the player may be malfunctioning due to some system hotkeys during the game. Players can choose to block some of the following hotkeys: “Shift”, “Win”, “Ctrl+Shift” input method, hotkey, “Ctrl+Space”, “Alt+~”, etc. It can be set to switch to the English input method function by default in the game, so as to avoid unnecessary loss caused by accidental touch of the hotkey function in the intense operation.


Automatically generate a comprehensive performance analysis report at the end of the game.

Real-time hardware monitors the game's FPS, processor CPU temperature, graphics GPU temperature, occupancy, power consumption, memory and other hardware operating states. After the game, the game player automatically generates a comprehensive performance analysis report. It makes it easier for gamers to see the problems in their real-time computers and find solutions more conveniently.


A variety of practical presets, you can also customize the program and choose more samples.

The GamePP ReShade provides users with a variety of basic and practical presets for users to quickly select, and also provides a custom mode to meet the needs of different users. The GamePP's ReShade has a smaller impact on the game while improving the visual effect of the game, and the fps is more stable.

Tip: Due to the large number of computer hardware, the improvement effect brought by different hardware platforms and systems is different. The specific improvement is subject to the actual improvement of users.

Display setting:

Multiple custom value debugging allows the solution to better meet user needs.

GamePP's powerful custom solution function, based on the principle of original visual enhancement, increases the adjustment of various values, and more detailed debugging to meet the customization needs of different users.

Normal mode:

suitable for players who deliberately record material The normal mode, as its name implies, is the normal recording mode.

Press the shortcut key to start recording, and then press the shortcut key to end, suitable for players who deliberately record material. The video performance mode also has two Nvidia Shadowplay and compatibility modes for players to choose from. It is recommended to use Nvidia Shadowplay ultra-low performance mode, which consumes less game performance.

Instant playback mode:

save the video of the time period before recording the video

The backtracking mode is that after the highlight shot, press the shortcut key, the system will keep the video of the time before you press the shortcut key. Video capture is divided into two modes: game window and desktop screen. Select the capture mode you want to record and start video recording.

Special features:

join VIP, use wireless extension.

Video recording also includes special features such as whether to display the mouse in the recorded video, whether to record audio at the same time when recording the video, and remove the GamePP watermark member function. Whether to record audio at the same time when recording video This function allows you to record the screen and recorded sound at the same time, and the recorded sound is synchronized with the screen in real time, which perfectly solves the problem that game lovers want to record the game screen simultaneously. The need for commentary.


Custom hotkey, one-button screenshot of three formats.

The screenshots are more convenient and quick, the picture is more clear, the image is of high quality, the area screenshot can choose the game window mode or the full screen mode, and the screenshot hotkey and storage path can be customized. The screenshot format also has bmp/png/jpg. The screenshot of the instant game Gaga will also record the current hardware work.

One-click link live room:

Enter the room address to see the audience comment barrage.

Enter the channel address to see the viewer commentary on the screen directly! And support in the full-screen game mode, the game display barrage and window game mode desktop display barrage. The main function is that the live broadcast is on the way to the full-screen game. You don't need to cut back to the live broadcast room, you can see the viewer's barrage directly on the screen. The anchor tool currently only supports Twitch, Douyu, and Huya.

Change the color of the curtain frame background:

Custom selection of the curtain frame background color.

Select a favorite background color, drag the slider left and right, and modify the background transparency (0%~100%). When the game starts, the desktop display will automatically switch to in-game display. If the game is closed, the stream tool will automatically switch to the desktop display.


The conclusions are more practical for the computer performance test of the game.

Benchmark is based on new tests of big data, testing faster and more targeted. With independent testing for each game, the test results are easier to understand and more practical. Users can visually understand whether their computer can run a certain game and the estimated running fluency through the test results.

Grading wait interface:

Benchmark detailed steps of the game running points

We comprehensively evaluate data from CPU, GPU, memory read, memory write, memory delay, etc., so that the test results are more accurate and more in line with the user's estimation of a certain game.