Game Plus Plus Module

Version 1.0.0


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Computer Configuration:

Automatically read your computer configuration

Automatically read computer details operating system, CPU, GPU, mainboard, main hard disk and RAM.It can help you view your computer's configuration more conveniently and visually,and you can also take a screenshot and then share your configuratio to Facebook,so that you can easy to talk to your Facebook friends about the hardware and how you can make the game run more smoothly.

Desktop Overlay:

We can display the hardware information on desktop/wallpaper in real time.

CPU(temperature,frequency,occupancy),GPU(temperature,frequency,occupancy,fan speed),GPU RAM( occupancy), RAM (occupancy), network status( upload speed and download speed) on desktop or your wallpaper.And users can select the hardware information overlaid by their needs.This can help users to have a clearer and more intuitive understanding of their computer operation , and help you to use the computer more efficiently.

In-Game Overlay:

Hardware monitor in-game overlay and control expediently in games

Display the current information of computer hardware in the game, which can not only display FPS, but also display the current data of CPU, GPU, RAM and hard disk, so as to have a more comprehensive understanding of the current operation of the computer in games.At the same time, you can change the option you want to display, adjust the visual optimization, or change the video settings by in-game console.

Game speed-up:

Specially designed for PUBG,it provides more targeted speed-up plan

With this function is turning on,you will get a targeted game speed-up plan specially provides for PUBG players,such as computer power plan,CPU Cores Plan and turn off some unnecessary functions and effects while play games.It can significantly improve game FPS.

P.S.Due to the variety of computer hardware, the improvement effect brought by different hardware platforms and systems is different. The image shown here is indicative only.The actual product effects may differ.

Block hotkey:

You can block hotkey during the game.

This function solves the problem that player may cause operation error due to some system hotkeys while playing game.Players can block some hotkeys,such as“shift"“Win”“Ctrl+space”“Ctrl+Shift"“Alt+~”,and so on.You can also set the English as the default input method while playing games,so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by hitting some system hotkeys.

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